Innisfree Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing Emulsion – Review

One of the K-Beauty skincare brand that I frequently use is Innisfree primarily because this is the first Korean brand I used and quite liked. Although I have explored other Korean skincare brands later and some of them I must say are just amazing; still time and again I buy products from Innisfree. So today I am going to share my experience of using their Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing Emulsion which is available on Nykaa and Boddess online. The advantage of buying it from Nykaa and Boddess is that you will always receive some discount or some freebies.

Price & Quantity : The emulsion retails for INR 1400 for a bottle of 160ml. I got it for INR 1200 because of some ongoing sale.

Innisfree jeju pomegranate Emulsion


This emulsion, formulated with freshly squeezed Jeju pomegranate and pomegranate seed oil, nurtures skin for nice healthy glow.

Key Features:

  • Promotes a double glowing effect that brings out skin’s inner and outer glow: Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice delivers naturally glowing skin from within while pomegranate seed oil strengthens skin’s firmness on the surface.
  • Improves and prevents signs of early aging: Keeps skin youthful by providing protection before signs of early aging appear, such as yellow, dark undertone and fine lines caused by harmful external environment.
  • Water-holding moisture barrier emulsion: A milk type lotion that forms a water-holding moisture barrier on the skin’s surface to provide hydration while balancing the skin’s water and oil level.

My Take on the product:

The reason I bought the product was because I used a few samples from the Jeju pomegranate range earlier and loved them but could not purchase them because they were pricey for a student. Now when I finally could afford them I went ahead and bought a full size product.

  • I have seen Korean skin care brands love to use pomegranate into their skincare products because pomegranate improves skin elasticity and fights sun damage. When I checked the ingredient list the first one is water. So this is a water based light lotion and that is why it does not make your feel greasy or sweaty.
  • The second one is Propanediol which has hydrating properties that leave a smooth, dewy finish and quite rightly this product does as well. Propanediol is not likely to cause sensitivity. Third one is hydrogenated Poly C6 -14 olefin and I don’t have any idea what it does. Tried to google them but did not find much information. Surprisingly the main ingredient Punica Granatum seed oil comes almost at the end of the list. The product contains Niacinamide in a very very small quantity. Sadly it has fragrance too.
  • Texture is not too thick not too watery; just like a properly balanced lotion.
  • It is just plain white in color and comes in a pump bottle which is a great plus. We can use the bottle later for some DIY skincare at home. The bottle helps to bring out exactly a pea sized drop which is sufficient to cover our face and neck.
  • Now coming to how it actually worked on my skin; it made my skin super smooth. I can literally see the difference. It made my skin soft and supple. I did not experience any break out. It works well in humid weather as well. You will not feel sweaty after applying. So anybody irrespective of oily or dry skin can use it all around the year. Just the right amount of moisture you need for your skin you need at any time of the day. I wish to purchase other products from this range especially the essence.

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