Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Berry Review

So I am sure if you love to see the skin care routines of the Supermodels or Victoria’s Secret Models on Youtube there is one product which I have seen a lot of them absolutely swear by for their gorgeous lips and that is Laneige Lip sleeping Mask.Also, this is probably one of those products which I could actually afford :p

Now coming to the product; Laneige is a very well known Korean skin care brand.I have noticed that they do not come up with a lot of products every now and then.They are very specific about a few key products that are actually really popular.So generally the quality standards are really high.

Price and Quantity: It comes in 2 sizes – 8 gms for INR 500 and 20 gms for INR 1150.I would recommend you to go for the 8 gms tub because it goes really long way trust me!

Description: – A leave-on lip mask that soothes and moisturizes
– Has a softening balm texture that closely adheres to lips
– Offers a nutritiously sweet and fragrant blend
– Forms a protective film over the lips to lock in moisture
– For smoother and more supple lips

My take on the Laneige lip mask :

Well I honestly did not have an idea of what a lip mask is before buying this.Also, I am a person who is generally averse of the idea of putting a mask before sleeping.I mean it is kind of weird right ! But to put all your worries away let me clarify this is not like a mask you will generally think of.This product has a balmy texture and has a sweet berry like taste (in case you lick it accidentally,whoops!).It has no color at all; totally transparent and glossy. The texture is thick and sticky; almost like you have put honey on your lips but it quickly melts into your lips.It comes in a cute pink tub and I know it feels kind of gross to dig your finger to take some of the product out but this is actually a mask and not a balm.Hence, the product consistency is not something which you could package in a stick.

Now coming to the main question; did I notice any difference to my lips ?

Yes I did and that is why I absolutely love this product and can’t stop going gaga over this. It actually works.A lot of Korean brands have really conquered the skin care market and out of them Laneige is quite a silent but really steady player.Their product gives you result.I wish I could show you a before and after picture of my lips but I actually forgot to click one before I started using it.I am no experienced beauty blogger 😦

However, I can describe my experience. I got dark outer lip lines due to sun damage.I used lip scrubs but somehow the pigmentation did not really go away.I religiously used this product for 2 weeks; every single night and I could see the darker lip line to fade and gradually the pink soft lips coming out; as if my older pink soft lips getting a rebirth. The product is rish in Vitamin C, shea butter and berry extracts and lots of good ingredients.No paraben and totally cruelty free. Why is it called a mask? I assume if we actually used it as a balm we would end up eating it :p . Using it as a sleep mask helps to absorb it totally while we are sleeping.

Hope you liked this review! Stay healthy 🙂

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