2 Amazing DIY eye masks that will make your under eyes perfect

While doing my regular window shopping of beauty products I recently came across a turmeric based under eye cream by the brand FARSÁLI and it costs a bomb! For 15 ml product you will have to pay INR 3500. I must say I was intrigued by the composition of the eye cream. So I did a little research to understand which ingredients do wonder for the under eye area and tried a few of them at home. In this post I will be sharing the ingredients I used and what results I got.

In general all the popular eye creams available in the market are quite expensive but we also need to take good care of the most sensitive area of our face. So here are a few pretty easy home remedies you can try.I did it for myself and it worked really well for me.

Coconut oil and vit E mixture – Coconut oil has some amazing health benefits if you cook your food with it but it has also showed proven results on the skin and hair. I have been staying and travelling around southern part of India and noticed that each and every part of a coconut tree is used here.It can be used as cooking oil or hair oil or as a natural facial oil as well. Coconut oil will instantly increase the moisture content of dry under eye area and vitamin e is known to work as an antioxidant and fights UV damage. Here in India, at a normal temperature(20-30 degree Celsius) you will find coconut oil to be in a liquid state but during winter it turns into solid. I have seen stores selling coconut oil in an exorbitant rate but actually it is quite cheap if you are buying directly from a genuine source. Before buying please make sure that it does not contain paraffin or palm oil etc. I got myself a 1 litre bottle of pure coconut oil without any adulteration from Kerala.If you are buying from a store please look into its license or any government certification to be sure that what you are getting is absolutely pure.

Now coming to the mixture you need to get 1 tablespoon of pure coconut oil and 1 capsule of vitamin e and gently massage your under eye area in a circular motion. If you are in India you can buy a strip of Evion Vitamin e capsules for 20-30 Rs. Remember to always use your ring finger to ensure you are applying right amount of pressure.Under eye area is so delicate a little bit of extra pressure can really make things worse for you.It will take some time to get fully absorbed. Just close your eyes and play some nice music and relax. I will recommend you to apply this before taking a shower. You can also take a bit more oil and vit e and mix it well in a glass jar and keep it in fridge.the mixture will solidify and you can use it as a balm.How fun that is! This mixture is so good that you can apply it anywhere in your body like chapped lips, elbows or knee.

Turmeric and yogurt mixture – The other one is definitely my age old favorite which is a turmeric plus yogurt or curd mixture.This mixture as well can be used on any part of your body and face as a natural moisturizer. You can mix two tea spoon of turmeric with 3 table spoon of yogurt or even home made curd and put it in a jar and store it in your fridge for at least 4 days. Turmeric is known for its anti oxidant and anti inflammatory property.It is known to bring a natural glow to skin.In India at least before the rapid growth of cosmetic industry turmeric or ‘haldi’ was the best known ingredient to every Indian household to get that instant glow.Even till now there is a pre-wedding ceremony dedicated to celebrate turmeric at almost every Indian wedding.On the other hand fresh curd or yogurt contains lactic acid which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. This mixture worked wonders for my tired under eyes and I will recommend you to try them for yourself.

Hope you liked this homemade inexpensive DIY tricks for under eye care which will give you definite results without burning a hole into your pocket. Stay happy 🙂

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