Plum E-luminence Deep Moisturizing Cream review

Hey Guys!!!

So I have been using a few products from Plum Goodness and I wanted to write a quick review on one of the products by the same brand – the e-luminence deep moisturizing cream. So Plum is an Indian beauty brand and offers some really greaaat products (especially theirs kohls and kajals) and all their products are vegan! I will add my reviews on their other products as well but for now let’s start with this one.

Price: The product retails for INR 575 and comes in a 50 ml tub.It is available in Nykaa and in the Plum goodness website.

Description: The e-luminence creme offers the hydrating power of Vitamin E and 12 phyto-nutrients boosted by a dozen potent plant nutrients, to provide unmatched hydration and nourishment to dry & damaged skin. The result: bouncy, hydrated skin that exudes a happy, dewy radiance.The cream comes in a thick milky white texture and has a mild scent.

So one thing I did not realize before buying this product was that it is best suitable for dry skin.If you look at the main ingredients, this product contains

1. Vitamin E – possibly the best hydrator out there

2. Jojoba oil – nourisher of choice for dry skin

3. Calendula flower extract – heals damaged skin

4. Red clover flower extract – reduces itching and calms down skin

5. Elder flower extract – helps fade wrinkles for a smoother, younger appearance

6. Rose flower extract – helps soothe and reduce inflammation

7. White willow bark extract – natural exfoliant, helps skin renewal

8. Plant-derived betain – controls water balance and maintains supple nature of skin

9. Kokum butter – a “solid” emollient brimming with micro-nutrients

10. Grapeseed oil – a top source of antioxidants for skin

11. Sea buckthorn oil – one of the richest sources of Vit C in nature

12. Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride – emollient, non-sticky ingredients derived from palm

13. Chamomile flower extract – calms & soothes skin

Well all these ingredients sound awesome but the formula is just not apt for someone with oily or combination skin.It has a very thick consistency. Especially if you have acne prone skin then it is an absolute no no product. Same goes for me as I have oily skin! Actually I was so amazed by their Tea tree night clarity gel that I did not do enough research before buying this one 😦

Plum e-luminence creme

Anyway I somehow wanted to use the product because my mom also has oily skin.So what I did was to wash my face first well with a facewash and then apply very minimum amount of the cream like 3-4 dots over my face and then just massage it gently.

I am yet to empty this!

I could apply it only during winter.It got absorbed quickly and thankfully did not feel greasy. Its thick consistency is not suitable for applying during summer as my skin started sweating because of its very oily texture. I applied it mostly after sunset because it does not contain SPF. It gave my skin a beautiful glow.That is for sure!

I think this will work wonders for dry skin beauties; especially during winter.

Hope you found this review helpful 🙂 Stay healthy! Take care!!


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