Lakme Absolute Undercover Gel Face Primer – Review


I wanted to post a quick review of a few of my makeup favourites recently and so I wanted to start with a primer. I actually have been using the Lakme absolute undercover gel face primer for almost a year now and never really wrote a full review on this amazing primer. I picked it up while travelling from a store but it turned out to be a great purchase. A good primer prepares our faces as a perfect canvas to put on additional layers of makeup like foundation or a concealer. It simply creates a smooth base.

Price and Quantity: A 30gm tube costs INR 800 but there is a mini-trial version available too. One tube will go a long way because you will need a pea-sized amount for your entire face.

Product Description:

  • Smooth Gel Texture – create a smooth base for easy makeup application.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E – a Unique formula that nourishes skin for an added glow.
  • Lasting Makeup effect – ensures that your makeup stays on for long hours.

My take on the Lakme undercover gel primer:

  • Let’s start with the packaging first. The primer comes in a sleek black tube with a metallic twist cap. It is travel-friendly packaging and there is no need to worry about the product packaging.
  • The texture of this undercover primer is simply like a translucent soft gel. It has a slightly creamy texture to it which is really easy to blend into the skin. It blends instantly into the skin and with just a pea-sized amount you will be able to cover your entire face. I have seen for a couple of other primers that they have a slightly grainy texture and while blending into the face they kind of get dried up. That is surely not the case with Lakme absolute undercover gel primer. It does not make my skin dry. In fact, it leaves a silky velvety finish on my skin which makes it really easy to layer up with a foundation later.
  • Now let’s talk about its function. This primer makes my skin look very smooth with an even complexion. You can say that it almost does a double job of a concealer. It blurs the dark spots on my face. Lakme also has another primer called the blur perfect makeup primer with the same packaging and at the same price point. I am not sure what is the differentiating point between these two because the undercover gel primer also creates that blurry impact on my skin. Specifically, I love the fact that it blurs the open pores around my nose.
  • I have oily skin and this primer instantly covers my oily T zone and yet it does not make my skin dry. This gel primer simply gives a very matte look. I will advise using a normal moisturizer before applying this primer for people with dry skin.

Let’s list down all the pros and cons of the Lakme undercover gel primer


  • Provides a very smooth finish
  • Blurs dark spots and open pores
  • Blends very easily
  • Controls excess oil
  • Reasonable price


  • It may make the skin appear very dry for people with a dry skin

Hope you found this review helpful. Have a nice day 🙂

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