Pahadi Local Ayu X Pahadi Local Rose Oil – Review

My recent trek to Bhrigu Lake in Manali got me introduced to a lot of really good quality natural products and I also got to know about this brand called ‘Pahadi Local’ that offers a range of products directly sourced from the Himalayas, consisting of body oil, face oil, face masks etc. They are a brand based out of Himachal Pradesh but their products are available on their website, Nykaa and even on Amazon. I really wanted to try as many products as possible to test the luxurious natural goodness infused in all of their products and hence, picked up a few. In this post, I am going to do a review of their Rose oil which I absolutely loved.

Ayu X Pahadi Local Rose Oil

Price and Quantity: You can say that Pahadi Local’s products fall in the semi-luxury range. It is not too out of budget but not exactly pocket friendly as well. The rose oil comes in a 10ml roll-on variant and it retails for INR 575.

Packaging: The rose oil comes in a glass roll-on bottle which is very travel friendly. I can throw it in my purse or just slide it inside my pocket. When I first received the product, there was a little bit of leakage. I think the bottle cap was not appropriately locked but now it works fine.

Product Description ( as mentioned on the website): The pure goodness of damask roses is distilled into a bottle as a tribute to this fabled bloom. Traditionally associated with mystical qualities that nurture the heart, offering protection and infinite love, Ayu x Pahadi Local Rose Oil can be a very calming and beautiful ritual to end your beauty routine, both am and pm.


  • Fragrant rose oil that feels calming to the senses
  • Enriched with the goodness of rose oil
  • Can be used during day or night
  • Suitable for all skin types

My take on the Ayu x Pahadi Local Rose Oil:

  • This rose oil smells amazing. The fragrance is quite long-lasting; some may feel it is a bit strong. Whenever I wore it, people around me could smell it. Now for some people who are really sensitive, I would recommend trying it first. Unfortunately, they do not have a trial version. So, it can be tricky if you spend the money and do not like the product.
  • I personally feel that it has a very calming effect on my nerves. I apply it behind my ears in the evening and go for a walk and I feel very relaxed. Be mindful of the quantity you are using because the entire house starts smelling like rose instantly πŸ˜€
  • Price wise I find it reasonable because one bottle will go a long way but I only wish they release some sort of a tester which will allow people to test the strength of smell and then purchase it.

Please let me know if you have tried this rose oil and your take on this in the comments section. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

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