A warm Bowl of Prawn Curry for the Festive Weekend…

Today is the start of the long festive weekend with Dussera on Monday. Although this year the festive mood is little dampened with the ongoing pandemic but staying with the loved ones and having the meals together always feel special. So here is a quick and very very easy recipe for a sumptuous prawn malaiContinue reading “A warm Bowl of Prawn Curry for the Festive Weekend…”

Essential Oils for Skincare : How to use them?

I have stayed away from essential oils for the longest time because I used to think they are not suitable for oily skin and they are mostly used for Aroma Therapy. Recently I watched a couple of videos on Youtube where I saw some very well known skin care specialists recommending essential oils for skincare.Continue reading “Essential Oils for Skincare : How to use them?”